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Flyer Design

A business flyer design is simply a poster or single sheet of paper containing printed text that is posted particularly to bring attention to business promotion, product, service, or event. For this reason, the message is simple and eye-catching. So, a typical flyer is printed en masse on 8.5” x 11” paper. However, it depends on where you decide to print your flyers. Also, choosing how to use them in your marketing plan could make it cost-effective.

Furthermore, if you have a business, you must consider professional graphic design, especially flyer design. Moreso, if you are looking for flyers designed for your business, we can help you with this. For this reason, if you are on the brink of your next marketing campaign, DaManager is your go-to for flyer design in Nigeria.

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The purpose of flyers

You may be asking yourself: Why use flyers for advertising? Undoubtedly, flyers are considered very effective for advertising. Without a doubt, flyers have vast benefits that distinguish them from other printed advert materials. Furthermore, flyers can be distributed in a large number of ways. For example, flyers help bring new customers to a business or announce a new sale or promotion.

Additionally,  some businesses will release a variety of flyers for just one ad campaign to appeal to different demographics in their target market. Moreso, marketing flyers are handy for just about any business in any niche or industry. Similarly, you can share them online or in person, posted in windows, pass them out, send them via email, etc. Importantly, our professional design team can bring you the best flyer design for your business.

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Our creative Flyer designs


We asked DaManager Design to create a new logo and help rebrand our company. We were delighted with the results. They listen and take note of what you want to achieve. They are creative and inventive and quickly produced many beautifully presented ideas whilst remaining within the specified boundaries. We were really impressed with their creativity and the professional way they work. We recommend them very highly.

Gift Momoh, Nigeria

Without a doubt, having DaManager Design create our company logo and stationery is one of the best things to happen to our startup company. They took the time to understand our vision, made some suggestions and came up with a logomark that we are proud of.

Paul Agbama, Nigeria

I’m not only impressed with the final result, but the process that Stuart took me through was equally impressive. Throughout this journey, their constant and consistent communication with me meant I knew exactly what was going on, why, and where we were headed

Afolabi Mary, Nigeria

Ideal answers to client enquiries

What are the necessary elements for a flyer?

  • Flyer design: A creative flyer design is something that gives an identity to your business. Hence, it is something you need to have before you start a business. Additionally, an appealing flyer can draw the attention of desired consumers and potential clients and thus effectively advertise your company. Furthermore, people tend to remember signs more than text; hence, a good flyer ensures that you are not forgotten.
  • Colour scheme: Color is a crucial part of the design as it plays an important role in drawing attention. Besides, no one likes to look at dull things, hence the colour is a must-add. Clearly, this is why using colours often costs you more. For this reason, it is said that a customer looks at the flyer only for seven seconds and it is within these crucial seven seconds you need to please him or her. Hence, nothing but colour best serves this purpose.
  • Photographs: A picture communicates much more and much faster than words do. Evidently, text can often seem to be tedious but interesting pictures can prompt an individual to browse through all that you have to say.
  • Discretion: When it comes to reading flyers, pictures come first followed by headlines and details. Hence, it is necessary to communicate your information with images or headlines.

How does the process work?

Simply request for a quote here, once we receive that form, we will reply with the cost, timeframe, and how to pay. Once you pay, you will be put on our work list. We will then send you flyer designs so you can go through them, make changes and double-check for any spelling errors. Once you’re happy with the flyers, we send them to print.

How do I know that my flyer will look good?

Once we receive your design brief, we will design a flyer that will meet and exceed your expectations for your business. While we make sure the flyer design is on-brand, we also ensure to design with your audience in mind.

I don't have a logo, can you design one for me?

Flyer orders do not include a “Logo Design”. What we will do is use simple text/shapes to make you a quick logo for the flyer. If you want to be able to get a full-blown logo you will need to order a logo design first. You can use this link here to order for a logo design.

How long does it take to receive a design proof?

Once you pay, you will receive a design proof in 2-5 business days. Normally this is closer to 2-3 days, but we do allow more time for when we are much busier.

How long does it take to print?

Your order will typically print 2-3 business days after we send them to print. For an express order, it could take 1-2 business days.

What resolution should I supply files at?

The file resolution must be 300 dpi. You can send us your image files through and we will confirm if they are okay.

Do you check for errors?

We offer top-notch flyer design in Nigeria, and our design service includes a courtesy check for anything that is grossly problematic. For instance, wrong size documents, bad alignments, very low-quality graphics, and text that cannot be read because of the wrong resolution. In the same vein, we will not check for spelling errors, lousy layouts, wrong colours, or incorrect data.


When to use flyers


The perfect promotional tactic to inform people about an Event


The perfect way for dealing with any kind of an advert using flyers.


it is the most cost-effective way to market your business.

Product implementation

Requires high publicity to inform the general public about a product.


Flyers are highly profitable as a print advert source


Show off your weekly or daily specials by creating and sharing flyers.
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