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Create The Perfect Brochure For Your Business

What It Is!

Brochure Design

A brochure is a folded document that presents information in a segmented, easy-to-digest way. Like pamphlets, they are informational, but brochures are designed to advertise a particular brand, product, or service. Unlike flyers and posters, brochures are folded into sections, so they can retain their size but present more information. As a top brochure design agency, we design top-notch brochures that explain more detailed information about your brand to your audience.

In previous decades, brochure design was far more complicated, requiring a long lead time and cross-departmental cooperation to bring together photography, hand-drawn elements, and typography. A brochure design would go through several physical drafts before the final version is painstakingly created. Changes weren’t easy to implement, either. Today, one person can make a brochure from scratch using modern design software, and the brochure can easily be tweaked and edited to perfection.

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Flyer and Brochure design

It’s not uncommon to wonder when it’s appropriate to use a brochure rather than another format, like a flyer. The answer lies in the “buyer’s journey”. Flyers are great for attracting attention, building awareness, and sharing a short message. But brochures are far more effective down the road when a prospect is gathering the information needed to make a wise purchasing decision.

As a brochure design agency, we create brochures that give your audience more in-depth brand awareness than a flyer can. This is why brochure design has remained an essential marketing tool for many companies and organisations.

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Our creative Brochure designs


We asked DaManager Design to create a new logo and help rebrand our company. We were delighted with the results. They listen and take note of what you want to achieve. They are creative and inventive and quickly produced many beautifully presented ideas whilst remaining within the specified boundaries. We were really impressed with their creativity and the professional way they work. We recommend them very highly.

Gift Momoh, Nigeria

Without a doubt, having DaManager Design create our company logo and stationery is one of the best things to happen to our startup company. They took the time to understand our vision, made some suggestions and came up with a logomark that we are proud of.

Paul Agbama, Nigeria

I’m not only impressed with the final result, but the process that Stuart took me through was equally impressive. Throughout this journey, their constant and consistent communication with me meant I knew exactly what was going on, why, and where we were headed

Afolabi Mary, Nigeria

Ideal answers to client enquiries

What should brochures include?

As a leading brochure design agency, our brochure includes:

  • High-resolution images, attention-grabbing copy, contact details and a call-to-action
  • Consistent, on-brand colour schemes and font combinations to help your audience get to know you
  • Bullet points, short paragraphs, white space and graphics to break up the lengthy text.

What size are brochures?

The four standard brochure sizes are 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17 and 11 x 25.5 in.

Depending on how you want to showcase your information, you can also choose a trifold, half-fold, gatefold, or accordion fold.

Choose the size and fold that most enhance your message.

Why are brochures important for marketing?

Brochures allow you to spread your message quickly and in a visually appealing way. You can share the core ideas of your business, announce new products and services or feature coupons and promotions. They are popular for trade shows, media kits and direct mail.

What do you need from me to get started?

Typical items we need: Your logo (if you have one), text and content you need in the design. Any other material needed will be discussed and identified by the Creative Director on a project by project basis.

I have many file types for our logo, which ones do you need?

All of them. Just send every file you have and let us sort out the best file type to use. Often times clients send the only file they can open but we have software that can open almost any file type


All this takes creative thinking

Initial Discussions

Find out what needs communicating and how it should be communicated

Design brief

Find out how many pages are required & all the wording you would like to include

An alluring cover

The cover is a promise, so it should reflect what's inside and leave a strong impression

Understanding Imagery

With high resolution images provided, it should be able to communicate your message.

Call to action

A strong call to action will prompt the reader to call or visit

Contact information

Goes hand-in-hand with your call to action
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